[austrian artists take space] AUSTRIAN ARTISTS TAKE SPACE
Otis Gallery, POST, Side Street Projects / Los Angeles
4.4. - 2.5. 1998
Exchange-project between kunstverein W.A.S./ Graz and 18 KünstlerInnen from Los Angeles [buttom]
Kuratorin: Eva Ursprung

Veronika Dreier
Sabina Hörtner
Doris Jauk-Hinz
Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Inge Pock
Andrea Sodomka / Martin Breindl
Rosa von Suess
Erika Thümmel
Eva Ursprung

Austrian Artists Take Space is the second part of an exchange project between the Austrian Kunstverein W.A.S. and 18 artists from Los Angeles. Last fall, the US artists had a show in Graz/Austria at the Minoriten gallery. The American artists chose to call their show: 118W/2N - Los Angeles`s longitude and latitude.
The Kunstverein W.A.S. refers also to the US: Veronika Dreier, Sabina Hörtner, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Inge Pock, Andrea |/ Martin Breindl, Rosa von Suess, Erika Thümmel, Eva Ursprung. It foregrounds the European settlers acquisition of land more than 200 years ago and how they headed for the West to expand their frontiers. The project also issues the current expansion of the new frontier: space.
What is characteristic of the Austrian artists and their projects shown at the Otis Gallery, Los Angeles, is their willful use of space.
Sabine Hörtner who uses adhesive foil to modify perspective and perception of space, as well as Andrea Sodomka and Martin Breindl, who move worlds of their own - visually and acoustically - by means of computer-generated projections of machine parts, intervene into space through gestures which try to capture it. Eva Ursprung, on the other hand, gives a minimalist outlook into another dimension; a dimension of the self-referentiality of the medium in the excessive. The aspects of history and everyday culture are treated by Veronika Dreier in her floor project "carpet". Erika Thümmel`s reference to women of the so-called Third World Countries under the aspects of means of use and usability meets with Rosa von Suess`s reflections dealt with in her installation "Wellknown Watching". Using eight monitors, she opposes commuter-generated views of the human body`s inside - according to standards of medical monitoring - with the dream of a perfect existence. Inge Pock`s textile installation deals with a spiritual approach to energy while Gertrude Moser-Wagner, in a way, embodies energy. She defines gravitation and its surmounting as sculptural factors and self-referentially presents "black holes". Equally ironical is Doris Jauk-Hinz`s reference to the power of the female in her project "hot apple": the ancient symbol of the apple - highly energetic - comments on the cold medium of today`s technology of communication.

Despite the variability of the participating artist`s approaches, their projects share the following. They all go beyond the boarders of their particular genre in their conquest for new means of expression. Traditional conceptions of the sculpture as well as those of textile or media art are questioned and experimentally enlarged.


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