[IN CONTROL]Europa in Graz `93 (European Month of Culture) [europa_graz]


symposion: 6. 5. - 7. 5. 1993
ausstellung/exhibition: 5. 5. - 23. 5. 1993

Künstlerhaus Graz / Austria
a project bykunstverein W.A.S.

curated by: Eva Ursprung
design: Ilse Prager
technical directors: Robert Schulz, A. Wildbein

Life without our electronic communicational means like telephone, fax machines, TV, radio and modems is unconcievable in industrial societies today. Looking at Donna Haraway`s manifesto where she has made these observations we must admit: we are already cyborgs, connected globally together through a vast developing complex telecommunications`s system that is becoming just as indispensable as our very own arms, legs and natural speaking funktions. How much do our machines existence? Women artists coming from different european countries and keynote speakers from Europe, Canada and the USA are focussing perspectives, that might result from the use of electronic media: the dissolution of the body in the immaterial ... the dreams of autonomy and subversion in electronic networks ... the erotic of machines ... the power over machines and the power of machines ... on machine-woMen and woMen-machines.

The annual meeting of the IAWA (International Association of Women in the Arts), an association of 14 organisations of women artists of 8 european countries, was held here at the same time.

Eva Ursprung, 1993
Kunstverein W.A.S.

The joint edition of the following events focussing electronic arts can be ordered at was@mur.at

ON LINE(ZEROnet): Graz, 4. 3. - 7. 3. 1993

IN CONTROL (Kunstverein W.A.S.): Graz, 5. 5. - 23. 5. 1993

Catalogue: 108 Seiten/108 pages, German/English.
Price: ATS 150,-/DM 24,-/SFr 20,-/US$ 14,-

ON THE AIR (Verein TRANSIT): Innsbruck, 14. 10. - 17. 10. 1993


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