women´s art support
since 1993 / based in graz / austria
Eva Ursprung
Doris Jauk-Hinz
Veronika Dreier
Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Erika Thümmel

Kunstverein W.A.S. (Women´s Art Support) is a collective of women artists, working on collaborative, intercultural and interdisciplinary projects with the aim to form a dense physical and virtual network to strengthen the position of women artists.

Working collectively in networks is the foundation for the working- and experimenting platform, and has its roots in an immaterial definition of art, turning away from the material character of artworks. Art is a process, intervening into everyday life and forming relationships. Art is communicative. The intention is to define, find and fill new spaces for art, so-called "epicentres of action".

The medium of the internet is supporting this intention: communication and co-operation in horizontal structures, over huge spatial and cultural distances. connections >


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